Tuesday, September 8, 2009

National Treasure

While I was up to my elbows in chicken, Mary Reese was helping Debbie clean out her bathroom. She came home last night with some wonderful treasures... girl with her treasure She got a variety of bracelets... bracelets A new watch and necklace... watch The necklace is circa 1988 and can be seen here... sub deb formal Sub Deb Winter Formal 1988. I am the one on the front row in the "Minnie Mouse" dress. Did you notice the necklace gleeming from around my neck? {I might still have the dress, if anyone wants to borrow the entire get-up for their next formal affair...got to love the 80s!} She also found tons of makeup and perfume samples... Makeup If you need your makeup done to compliment your 80s look, I have the perfect makeup artist for you... eyes Mary Reese spent the afternoon doing her makeup and mine as well... mommy makeover She gave us "rainbow eyes" and even Owen got some "baby powder" Baby Powder Thanks Debbie for all our wonderful treasures...they have provided us with an afternoon of entertainment {and smells...yes our house smells like a perfume counter}!

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