Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus...

go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town {neighborhood}.
This year the school buses are running through the neighborhoods {to help alleviate the congested carpool lines} so Banks finally got to ride home on a school bus!!! We filled out his form last night so he could ride. We went over his bus number {35} and bus drivers name {Mr. Jack}. I showed where his bus stop was this morning on the way to school...so we were set! My cell phone rings about the time he should be loading up on the bus...it was Kate {a friend who teaches at the school} to tell me to make sure I had my camera at the bus stop because Banks was so excited about riding that he had a grin from ear to ear! So Camp {the dog} and I walk down to the corner and wait. Here is the big Kindergartner getting off the bus:

I think he had a great ride and can't wait to do it all over tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea
I am Laura Lott Anglea and I love reading your blog I found it through JM's, but I just wanted to tell you that Banks' bus driver is my father-in-law Jack Anglea and you used to work w/Sandra. I just didn't know if you knew that. He sure does love those kids!!

Sue said...

Yea for Banks! I always find it funny that little ones love to ride the school bus! We lived too close to the school to ride the bus, and it was always such a special treat when I got to ride home with someone who rode the bus. What a hoot looking back! :)