Sunday, January 30, 2011

vitamin d

We have hit 70° here for the past 2 days. It was definitely a welcome change from 9 inches of snow and freezing temperatures. I officially have Spring Fever [but know it is still forever away]!

We have enjoyed every second of the beautiful weather by being outside and soaking up lots of vitamin D.  Guess where we have spent most of our time?


The baseball fields [and we weren’t alone]. I am ready for the season to start! Sign ups start tomorrow night and opening day is about 8 weeks away.

This weekend we made practice a family event...


Mary Reese & I took turns "batting" and trying to make it to 1st base before Banks could throw us out from 3rd.

Since Owen has been under quarantine with RSV…I figured he needed a good old dose of Vitamin D like the rest of us. I also figured there wouldn’t be too many babies to spread the virus to on the ball fields. He enjoyed every second of base running…


...and some one-on-one coaching time...


...with football in hand.

He even took in every move of the practice session happening on the field next door...


That is Owen...the little spec at the fence in the background.  I think he would play T-Ball this year if they would let him. It is hard to believe that he will be out there in about 2 more seasons.

We tried to talk Mary Reese into playing T-Ball.  She just wants to go to the concession stand and have social hour with her friends.  All she has to say is Peace, Love & Baseball...


...but I don't want to play baseball!

RSV hasn't been too bad.  The worse part is being contagious for a week and not being able to be around other children.  He also goes from up [like in the above pictures] to down...


He fell asleep on the couch before dinner the other night.  He does great during the breathing treatments for the most part...he tries to fight it every once in a while.  Usually if we turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he is pretty ok with the process.  He is not a great oral medicine basically have to pin him down and force it down his throat!  The good news is that we have finished our round of steriod.

Hopefully we are on the uphill swing and on the road to recovery.  [Except today I noticed our right ear is oozing fluid.]  Guess we will find out tomorrow what that is all about.

Tonight for dessert we had a special treat to get us in the mood for the next holiday...


Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes with a Peppermint Heart

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