Thursday, January 27, 2011

r s v

Oh the dreaded acronym. That's right we have been hit with our first case of RŸSŸV. I guess I should be thankful that this is my third child [all of whom have been in the same church nursery school a couple of days a week since they were 10 months old or younger] and only our first case of RŸSŸV. I consider myself pretty darn lucky!

When I dropped Owen off at school yesterday morning [his first day of school for the week], Ms. Jennifer told me there were already 4 confirmed cases in his room. I was hoping we might be safe since we hadn’t been around those kids since last Friday.

Owen fought a cold over the weekend. On Sunday he woke up from his nap with a "seal bark" cough, but he never ran fever. I had just been treating the symptoms with some OTC meds and it seemed to be doing the trick.

The school called around lunch to let me know he had a low grade fever. My FIL rescued him from school while I secured a 4:00 appointment with the pediatrician.

The nurse took one look at him and knew there was something wrong. He fought us on the scale. His temperature was up over 102° and he just looked plain pitiful.

One nose swab later, it was confirmed. Positive for RSV and negative for flu. An hour later, a dose of Motrin, a dose of prednisone and a breathing treatment later…we were back to our normal old self. It is amazing what a little drugs will do for your body!


Mickey Mouse was our best friend during our doctor’s visit. Owen has become extremely attached to him. It is quite comical to hear him call his name. He loves him and all things to do with him. We were very thankful to have Mickey with us for a little TLC.

The only bad thing about having RSV…he feels better now but is still contagious. So no school until next week!

I should have gotten a premonition about how my day was going to unfold when I had to cook waffles for breakfast this way…


…on the Panini Maker. I like to call them Pannaffles.  I have been thinking my waffle iron [which was a wedding gift] was on the outs for a few weeks now. Sometimes I couldn’t get it to heat up but then all of a sudden it would start working. But Wednesday morning, I couldn’t get it to heat up for anything. When you got 3 hungry kids and a bowl of waffle batter staring at you, you have to improvise.  So I did with the Panini Maker and they weren’t half bad!

[RIP waffle iron. You served us well for almost 10 years.]

Tomorrow is Friday…but not just any Friday to my two elementary school aged children. Tomorrow is their 100th Day of School. Their teachers have fun activities planned to help celebrate, so I offered a snack…


…Rice Krispie Treats shaped into a giant 100.

I made a recipe and a half for each half sheet pan. Then I made a pattern of a giant 100 and cut it out. I jazzed it with a few Hershey kisses.  Last year I did cupcakes, but this year I was too tired.  I can't wait to hear all about their fun celebrations all revolving around the number 100!

I hope for a low key I can recover from this wild week!  We still have not made it through 1 full week of school this semester without some sort of delayed start due to a city water shortage, a snow day, a holiday or a delayed start for the threat of snow.  Maybe next week we can make it all week.  I hope so.  I hear summer calling my name!

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