Thursday, February 10, 2011

flashback to 12/16/08

When I picked up Owen from school yesterday, I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.  He was not in the same clothes he left the house in and he was not happy about it!  He had an accident and there was not an extra set in his they found him a clean outfit in the closet.  They said he just sat in the floor of the gym and pouted for about 20 minutes after they changed him into this...


The blue jeans were girl jeans.  Did you notice how much they were rolled up?  They were a size 4T.  They said he got a little better when they put the baseball sweat shirt on him.

They laugh at him because he doesn't like to use or wear anything that is not his.  One day I forgot his sippy cup.  They said not to bring one back because they had some extra ones.  He refused to drink out of it because it wasn't his.

Mary Reese's favorite teacher remembered the time she had an accident and had to wear borrowed clothes.  Flashback to 12/16/08.  She didn't like her choice either.

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