Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Week

We have been celebrating Halloween for over a week around here! It started last Friday with Mary Reese and Owen's Fall Festival. Wednesday night, the youth at church had a Fall Festival/Trunk-or-Treat Fundraiser. Mary Reese went as Belle and her friend/cousin Sarah Laine was a Princess as well... SL&MR Mary Reese and Owen had Halloween parties at their school on Friday... 2 peas in a pod While Banks had "Book Character Day" at his. Can you guess who he went as? ' Banks has really gotten into the Magic Tree House Books. So he went as Jack {one of the main characters}. They all had to take their book, put them in a pile and then try to match the book with the person in their class.

Friday night we went to Halloween Carnival at DCC complete with a hay ride! Saturday night was finally Halloween! Chipper, the Princess and her frog... The Gang ...all went over to a friend's house for Trick-or-Treating and dinner. The kids {I think we had about 15 or so} had a ball getting candy and playing! We came home with a ridulous amount of this... Ridiculous! ...that we should never be able to eat! Thankfully this morning we enjoyed the extra hour of sleep!

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