Thursday, November 12, 2009


This little chickadee... MRM Five
We have been celebrating it since Sunday! MR & LuLu
We had our families over Sunday night for a dinner celebrating Mary Reese and Granny LuLu's Birthdays. The menu included their favorites: fried chicken and catfish, mac and cheese, creamed corn and lima beans. For dessert...
family cakes
Strawberry cupcakes with pink cream cheese icing and a caramel cake!
Tuesday afternoon she traded her flip flops in for the season for these new weather-appropriate kicks… new kicks
For those of you who know her know that putting those flip flops away for the winter is HUGE! I still haven't convinced her to wear socks but at least Jack Frost won't be nipping at her toes!

This morning we measured her on the basement door frame...
1 inch
...she has grown an inch since last year!

Today she celebrated with her class at school. Jody delivered them a pizza to share at lunchtime. She also took a tray of confetti cupcakes with pick buttercream icing {not sure if the 10 boys in her class will dig the pink icing but her and Bentley sure did}!
school cakes
Then we bagged up Rice Krispie Treats in the shape of a 5 for her friends to take home…
school favors

Tonight she picked one of her favorite restaurants to go to for dinner… brick
Happy 5th Birthday Mary Reese!


C. Smith said...

happy birthday MR- hope you had a wonderful day!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new shoes!!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Mary Reese!

Tara said...

I hope you had the best day ever, MR! I'm loving the new shoes. Don't think I've ever seen you without your flops, so if I do a double take, you'll have to excuse me! :) What a fun, fun day it looks like you had! And will you send your mom to my house, Miss Priss, so she can rub off on me? Thanks!

Kate Smith said...

I love the 5 treats and stickers (hint hint)! Happy B-day Mary Reese!