Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Teacher Treats - Apple Butter

This is the last week of school until after Thanksgiving! The kids are going to take their teachers a treat to enjoy during the holidays...
Teacher Treats

Apple Butter
Apple Butter

It is super easy to make and taste delicious and delightful! {Not to mention how marvelous your house will smell while this simmers away!} Jody and Banks stopped at the farmers market Saturday morning and bought these beauties from a local orchard...

I had high hopes of taking the kids to the actual orchard this fall but we never made it! Maybe next year!

First you... Core

...core and slice 16 apples. {I did a few extra because I had some hands that kept wondering through my kitchen "sneaking" slices.} Then you... Chopped Apples

...dice them up into your crock pot. Add... Sugar and Spice

...some sugar and spice and everything nice. Then you... Mix it up

...mix it all up and turn your crockpot on HIGH for 2 hours. After 2 hours, it will look like this... After 2 hours

Turn it down to low and let it cook away for 6 more hours, stirring occasionally. When it is done cooking, it will look like this... Ready to Blend

I use my hand held blender to... ab consistency

...blend it up to my desired consistency right in the crock pot bowl.

Then I place my HOT apple butter into my HOT jars and listen for them to seal! I got 12 half pints out of those 16 apples.

I printed some stickers and wrapped them up for our teachers! We hope they enjoy them on some hot buttered biscuits during the break!


Sue said...

Yum! I am about to eat some on an english muffin! I would love to make some...I need to get your recipe. How did you heat your jars...water bath?

sweetness275 said...

Did you process the jars in a water bath and can you store it in a pantry or will it need to be refrigerated?