Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Food 101

When Banks was little, my mom encouraged me to make my own baby food. It is super easy, not too time consuming and a HUGE money saver {especially if you know someone with a garden who gives you food}. Owen started eating food a few weeks ago. So far he has eaten these:

baby food 101

First I cut everything up and put it in the steamer basket of my pressure cooker. You don't have to have a pressure cooker...any pot would do! I didn't even peel the sweet potatoes or apples before steaming. I did peel the carrots but you could use baby carrots and eliminate that step completely. I just snapped the green beans {actually Popsy did before he gave them to me...even better}! baby food ready to steam I steam everything until tender {about 15 minutes}. Then I drain it, remove the skin {if I didn't before steaming}, throw it back in the pot and use my hand blender to puree everything to baby food consistency: mixing it up If you don't have a hand blender, you can use a regular blender or food processor {the only drawback is more dishes to wash}! Here is some finished product:

baby food

Apples, green beans and sweet potatoes
After I get the consistency right, I spoon it all into these... ready to freeze ...and pop it in the freezer! Once it is frozen, I just bag it up in plastic freezer bags until... all bagged up ...this porky pig is ready to dive in!

yumming it up

I like to make mine in bulk because I have been blessed with this chunky monkey... chunky monkey Here is a close up of those rolls and those thighs: close up He is eating us out of house and home! But I LOVE having a baby with tons of rolls {and I have been blessed with 2 of them}!

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The Bordens said...

Hey. I just made some apples for Holley Ann, she loves them:) Owen is that a pink bib that you have on in the picture:)