Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last day of summer vacation

Today was officially the last day of summer vacation! Banks woke up at 6:00 AM, excited that it was the last day of vacation! He is so excited to start 1st Grade at his new school with his new teacher! I think she is equally excited...which makes me super excited! As a momma, it is so wonderful seeing someone who has taught for 20+ years talk about her class and upcoming year with such genuine enthusiasm.

Here is what we did on our last official day of summer vacation {I started back a few weeks ago & Mary Reese started back last Wednesday}:

I fixed Owen some carrots for lunch. He loved them! Carrots yum Can you guess where we headed after lunch? Here is a hint: MR & Duck If you guessed on last trip to Point were right! Point Mallard Owen and Daddy were absent on our last trip. They joined us on this trip. Hot Dog Owen watched {with the company of baby} Banks and Daddy go down the slide. Jody even bribed talked Mary Reese into going down with me. She HATED it! sliding with daddy The slides at the Duck Pond were more her speed! MR sliding Owen loved the wave pool. He stood there and talked to the waves the entire time! Owen wave riding After a few hours of fun...we got busy getting organized for the first day of school! The snack basket was replinished: snacks replinished Snacks for the first day were made {Mrs. Propst asked if I would send snack for their class this week. Banks requested 1 cookies}. snack made Camp did snag about 5 cookies before I walked in and caught him. Teacher happies were made {loaves of Cinnamon/Sugar Bread}. teacher prize ready Schedules were written down: schedules We laid out our outfits {can't deal with the drama in the mornings if we don't}: Outfits ready Backpacks were packed with all the paperwork, lunch money and juice money: Backpack ready And most importantly, the coffee was programmed to go in the morning: Coffee ready Wish us luck on our first full day back! Part of me is sad that summer break is over...but I am ready to back on more of a routine!


Sue said...

Hope all goes smoothy...and that Camp didn't eat all your 1 cookies! :)

Tara McClendon said...

Can you please come to my house and magically transform me into the organization queen that you are?? I'm impressed!! Hope the 1st day back was a huge success!

Kate Smith said...

Oh, how I will miss Banks at school! I am so glad he was excited about first grade. Can he come back only for one year and be in my class? I'll miss the cookies!