Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Jam Packed Saturday

We started out the day here:
This was mine and Jody's first trip to the new and improved club pool (the kids came on Thursday and Friday with babysitters)! All the improvements made a HUGE difference to the overall feel of the pool and we look forward to many hot days here! After swimming all morning in some super chilly waters, Banks and Mary Reese enjoyed this with friends:
After lunch and drinking ketchup, Mary Reese and Gray decided they needed this:

We left the pool just in time to make it to Closing Ceremony's for Dixie Youth Baseball to to receive this:

1st Place Trophy for Black Division TBall - Go Texas Tech Red Raiders!

Then back to the Country Club for this:

A little Parent/Child 5-Hole Scramble in which we got to play with good friends Mary Bradford and Brad and where we acted like this:

I think we have been hanging out with Kirk Sanders a little too much!

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Amy said...

we had such a good time with all of you today, look forward to many more fun sunny days at the pool!Mary Bradford and Gray