Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The rest of the weekend...

After the balloons were out of site and we snacked on even more food, we headed to the lake for the rest of the weekend. The kids took a little nap on the way, which helped out immensely since they had an extra-early wake up call this morning! We spent the weekend out on the dock soaking up the beautiful weather, cruising around the lake, eating all kinds of yummy food and enjoying the relaxing feeling the lake gives you!
Stacey and David arrived at the lake Friday afternoon, so they got the task of “dewinterizing” the boat. After we arrived and unloaded all our stuff, we took the boat down to the marina to gassed it up and then cleaned it up for the summer! Banks kept saying “Do you think Popsy is going to be so proud because I am getting the boat so clean?”
Banks swam all over the lake, slid down the inflatable slide and attempted to kayak in the yellow beauties Popsy scored at a yard sale. We drove the boat down to “Banks’ Cliff” on Saturday to see if he would jump off like he did last year but he chickened out. Once his friend Dawson arrived on Sunday, he found his courage and was all about showing him how it was done! The only thing he would not do that he did last year was tube! Dawson tried to get him to go with him but he wasn’t quite ready for that this summer. Mary Reese was content all weekend playing on the dock or riding FAST in the boat! All Camp wanted to do was swim. Any time anyone jumped in, he was right behind them. We had to lock him on the porch a couple of times just so he could rest.?”
Sunday, Popsy and Gigi road down for the afternoon. Popsy installed the zip line Banks gave him for Christmas. Banks and Dawson had a ball zipping into the lake! Heck it looked so fun, I even tried it out that night after dinner!?”
We had a nice and relaxing weekend on the water and can’t wait for more this summer!

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