Friday, May 2, 2008

High School Musical on Ice

Debbie treated the kids and I to High School Musical the Ice Tour last night. When we were talking about buying the tickets back in January, we decided the Saturday afternoon show would be the best. When she pulled out the tickets earlier this week…she had a little panic moment because our tickets were for the Thursday night show and Banks had a TBall game. I looked back at my confirmation email and sure enough I purchased the Thursday night show (Probably because I had 2 kids asking me 5 million questions and a husband calling me every 5 minutes when I was ordering them). We gave Banks the choice of playing in the TBall game or going to High School Muscial – and just guess what he picked?

They had a blast! Mary Reese’s eyes got as big as pancakes when she saw the souvenir stand and even bigger when she saw the hot pink High School Musical “Cheerleader” purse. We had fabulous seats on the second row! The kids could touch the ice and several of the ice skaters came out in the audience right in front of us. I tried to take some pictures by my camera was dead from the 206 field day pictures taken earlier that day! (I forgot to charge the battery for a little bit when I got home I only got a few pictures with the camera on my phone, so they are not very good.) They both loved every minute of the show. Thank you Debbie for such a fun treat and our souvenirs!

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