Monday, May 26, 2008

Breakfast with the Balloons

Saturday morning we were up with the birds to eat breakfast with the hot air balloons. Decatur has hosted the Alabama Jubilee for as many years as I can remember (since 1973). Growing up, we use to always pile in the family van and chase a balloon as a part of a “chase crew”. One year I even got to ride in one from the fields to Eastwood School – and if you are from Decatur you know that is not very far. But I can say that I have experienced it!
Jody and I never got up for the balloons until we had kids. For the past four years, we have gotten together with friends and had a picnic breakfast while we watched the balloons take off for the Hare and Hound Race. My kids look forward to it every year! It is always breathtaking to see all those colorful balloons fly up in the air and makes getting the family up at 5:45am very worth it!!! Of course all the delicious and delightful food helps too!

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Amy said...

we had so much fun....looks like the rest of you weekend was a blast too...hope we can swim together soon! MB and Gray....and Amy too