Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged - Twice!!!!

I have been tagged by Jennie-Marie and my sister-in-law (Sue) with 2 different list…so I am combining them into one. Here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was finishing up teaching my first 2 Year Old Class at Central Weekday School (it is hard to believe that those kids are in Middle School now) and helping Kathy Gray out with Mary Margaret, Galvin and Kitty. 5 Things on My To-Do List -Cook Dinner -Finish the laundry -Pick up the house because Kathy Hunt is coming tomorrow -Finish the Mother’s Day present my siblings and I are putting together -Find a Roma tomato plant and any other herbs I want to add to my garden (any suggestions?)

5 Snacks I Enjoy (could survive on snacks and skip meals) -Big Sky Granola -Pretzels (any kind) -Mayfield Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches (Jody and I ate 2 each last night after the kids went to bed!) -Sonic Cherry Limeade (had one Saturday, Sunday and today) -Chai Latte

5 Things I Would do if I were a Billionaire -Invest – put my money to work for me -Give – make sure everyone in our family is taken care of -Become Debt Free – pay off our house, the 1 car we own on (buy Jody a new one only if he promises to take care of it) and everything else we owe -Travel – first I would take the kids to Disney and spare no expense then pick a new place every month or so to discover -Hire someone to finish painting all the room in our house – 3 rooms down…many more to go!

5 Bad Habits -Not making enough time for just myself! -Drinking too much coffee and not enough water -Not saying no to desserts! LOVE them and can’t turn them down! -Watching too much reality TV -Chomping on ice especially the pellet ice like Sonic has (sorry dad!)

5 Places I Have Lived -Decatur, Alabama -Hilton Head, South Carolina -Tuscaloosa, Alabama -Huntsville, Alabama -San Francisco, California (only for a summer when I was 3 while my dad was in dental school…I had no bedroom there…I slept in a closet!)

5 Jobs I’ve Had or Have -Lifeguard at Decatur Country Club -Camp Counselor at Sea Pines Fun For Kids Camp -Central Weekday School 2 Year-Old Teacher -Senior SDA Trainer for ExecuTrain of Huntsville -Training Coordinator at Wolverine Tube

5 Random Facts: -My senior year in college, my friend Bethany and I decided after graduation we wanted to be Airline Stewardess…we applied to every airline but no one ever hired us! I could have been so fun!

-I don’t eat beans with the exception of green beans. I just don’t like that mushy texture!

-When I was a counselor at Sea Pines (Hilton Head) for the summer, we had 2 of the Busch heirs from Anheuser-Busch at our camp all summer. They were looking for a nanny to come work for them in the DC area because their nanny was leaving at the end of the summer. None of us took them up on that offer…I wonder were those kids are now?

-I have never been to Europe or Canada but I have been to Mexico and the Bahamas.

-I love to cook…I wish I could make it my job! Food Network, are you hiring? Maybe if I was a billionaire I could just do it for fun!

I am tagging all my friends who do not have blogs…maybe they will start one now they have been tagged!!!! I feel like the “grandma of the blogging world!”

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