Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life Lesson Learned!

Banks learned a very valuable life lesson last night…how to lose like a good sport! Until last night, we have won every TBall game we have played by a huge margin! It has been really good for Banks because he has gotten to play the infield during the last innings when we have been up by so much! We went into last night’s game knowing it was going to be a battle against the also undefeated Kansas Jayhawks! Banks was super excited because he was playing against one of his good friends (Sam Smith) and two of the Orr children (who use to live in our house). The Jayhawks showed up with their game face on…literally…they all had “eyeblack” under their eyes! It was a nail biting, stomach in knots, neck-and-neck game until the very end! We were up by a few runs at the bottom of the last inning with the Jayhawks batting at the bottom of their batting order with two outs! I thought we might actually pull it off…but they ended up pulling out the win! Banks was the first one ready in line to congratulate their team after the game. Sweet little Lida Orr even came up to me after the game to tell me that “Banks played a great game!” Mary Reese kept asking all the Jayhawk parents for a stamp which (thank you) little Lida finally figured out was the “eyeblack”. So Coach David painted her and Banks up after the game! I was extremely proud that all the players, Coaches and parents conducted themselves with good sportsmanlike behavior! Seriously, it is just TBall not the World Series!

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