Friday, January 11, 2008


Banks got his second progress report from Pre-K yesterday. All the items that he needed improvement on (see the "First" Common Thread post from October) he brought up to a P (Progressing toward completion of skill) except for the using scissors appropriately and holding pencils/crayons appropriately. We are proud to say that he had learned our new address (I think Mary Reese even learned it in the process) and no longer thinks our phone number 555-3245! Ms. Davis comments this time were "Banks is doing a good job. He is making a lot of progress." We are so amazed with everything he has learned this year and all the progress he has made!
We are truly blessed at our neighborhood school to have a FREE Pre-K program offered to our children. I was watching the news one morning when I was off from work during the holidays, the state of Alabama's Pre-K program is ranked one of the highest in the nation (finally we are at the top of a list you want to be on top of)! The ONLY problem is that the program is only available to about 4% of our children. The ones in our area are filled based on a just hope and pray you get drawn! If you have a Alabama state ran Pre-K in your area...check it out! Governor Riley is working to increase the number of Pre-Ks in the state!
Anyway, off my soap box and onto Mary Reese's potty training progress! We had 2 major breakthroughs yesterday. First, she went to the potty at school! Before the Christmas break, she was using the potty at home but refused to even try at school. When I picked her up at school on Tuesday her teacher said she had not gone to the bathroom all day not even when they put a pull-up on her during nap. (I think she gets that from me...I use to hold it during high school so I wouldn't have to go to those bathrooms.) Then tonight she came running in the kitchen after dinner and said she pooped on the potty! Up until last night...she had just been going in her panties! By the way...her treat of choice for going to the potty has changed from Peanut M&M's to Baby Ruths (she is definitely my child)! Go Mar Mar, Go Mar Mar!!!


Lori said...

Please tell both Banks and Mary Reese that "cousin" Lori is very proud of them. Hope to see ya all soon!!

StaceyLWillis said...

Go Brut Brut and Mar Mar! I am sure Banks' kindergarten teacher will be so glad that he ready for K! If Mar Mar continues to potty train then she can some stay with her aunt this summer and swin in her pool!!