Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joe D. Plumber

If any of you know my husband, you know that he was absent the day that God was handing out the “handyman genes.” For example, my father-in-law gave ME a new tool box for Christmas because most of our tools disappeared during our house remodel a couple of years ago. Saturday I turned on the garbage disposal without realizing that one of my plastic measuring spoons had gone down the drain. Needless to say…the disposal stopped working after it crushed up the spoon! I dug around in it and got out all the remaining pieces of plastic, but it still wouldn’t work. I was talking to my mom on Sunday about it and she said one of her builder friends told her to put a broom handle down the disposal to dislodge anything that was keeping it from turning. Being the handywoman that I am…I followed her instructions and got the disposal turning again. Excitedly I flipped the switch but to my disappointment nothing happened! Last night I had another epiphany…to check the breaker box in the basement to make sure the fuse didn’t trip. It was in the ON position so I was set to call the plumber today. BUT to my surprise, Jody got down in the floor and was examining the disposal under the cabinet and found a reset button on the bottom. He pressed the button and wah lah…it started working! Thanks babe for turning into Joe D. Plumber and fixing my disposal (without even calling anyone for advice) and for saving me the $50 it would have cost me to pay the plumber! I am proud of you!!! The best part…I didn’t even have to look at plumber’s crack!

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jgantt said...

Good thing that Jody got it fixed because if I had to check it out for you, I can't promise that I wouldn't be dealing any crack!