Monday, January 7, 2008

Date Night

Jody and I had a date night Saturday night thanks to Popsy and Gigi!!! Late Saturday afternoon, Popsy and Gigi volunteered to let the kids spend the night with them…so Jody and I decided we would have a dinner and movie date. We have been dying to see the National Treasure movie and to try out the new Monaco Theater at the Bridge Street Town Center in Huntsville. Excitedly we got online to book our tickets to the VIP part of the theater but they were SOLD OUT! We thought about just going to see it in Decatur but decided the regular seating in the new theater would be way nicer than the seating in the crappy theaters we have. We made a pit stop in Madison at Golden Rule Barbeque and ate dinner with Christopher and then headed over to the movie. We didn’t purchase our tickets online in hopes of getting into the VIP part (which turns out to be just the balcony section of the regular theater but they have leather seats and “a Wine Tasting Bar, appetizer dining and upscale concessions.” ) When we got to the counter to purchase our tickets they did have 3 seats available BUT they were no where near each other…so non-VIPs we were. We were about 45 minutes early to the movie, so we headed to the Scene Lounge to have a drink before the show. It is a really cool bar area that has drinks, sushi and appetizers. We ended up talking to a couple from Huntsville and all said we felt like we were not in Huntsville but somewhere like Atlanta or Chicago. Anyway, the movie AND the theater was awesome! Jody and I both said we would never attend a movie in Decatur again after our experience at the Monaco. If you are ever in the area or have on in your area…GO… Two Thumbs up from us!

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Jennie-Marie said...

Ahh I can't wait to go, sounds pretty neat!