Friday, May 18, 2012

signing THE blue jeans

Mary Reese has been working on getting AR points since Christmas.  Her first goal was 10 points so she could go to the vending machines with Mrs. Propst for a special snack.  Then she set her sights on 15 points so she could go on a special afterschool outing with Mrs. Propst.  The week before spring break she hit 15 points and got to join Anna, Hampton and Eliza.  Mrs. Propst took them to Sonic for a snack, the playground for a little play time and then back to her house for a little cooking.  This is what I found when I got to Mrs. Propst house...


They made sugar cookies and icing.  They were having a ball.  Mrs. Propst is a mighty brave woman!


I didn't think I was ever going to get Mary Reese to leave.  They all threatened to spend the night in Mary Grace's room [and I think Mrs. Propst would have let them].

Fast forward to May 17th.  When the 1st Graders hit 25 AR points, they get to sign "THE" blue jeans.  Mary Reese has been working hard towards that goal.  She was dying to sign them next to where Banks signed them two years ago.  We stayed up a little past our bed time so we could finish Ramona The Pest to help push her over the mark.  She got to school a little bit early and went straight to the computer to take the test.  She passed and ended up with 25.1 points!  She immediately grabbed her Sharpie out of her desk and headed straight to the blue jeans...


So excited she finally reached her goal...


She signed it right next to her big brother...


I hope there is room for Owen to continue on the tradition in a few years!

A perfect start to a fabulous day...her class was heading to the Birmingham Zoo in less than an hour!

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