Friday, May 11, 2012

showcase of excellence

Our school system had a Showcase of Excellence this year.  Each school set up a booth to show off the many great things about their school...

Ben Davis [Mary Reese's school] did a Day in the Life of Flat Ben Davis [based on Flat Stanley books].  It was super cute!


Flat Ben Davis went all over school and had his picture made showing what they do at Ben Davis.

Mrs. Propst asked Hampton and Mary Reese to come "work" their booth for 30 minutes and show off their Farm to Me Projects.  Mary Reese did Sap to Syrup.  Hampton did soybean to soy milk.  I think they had fun showing off their school.

She also had a piece of art on display...


Banks's art was on display at the Leon Sheffield booth...


Big Day for Mary Reese.  She loves her school, her teacher and her class...she was proud to show it off!  Of course we left the showcase heading to the ball park!

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