Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

This year we had our mother's and one grandmother over for a quick, low key late lunch [or lupper as I like to call it].  We did a shrimp boil...


Served with French bread and a summer salad...


All the lettuce came from either Debbie or my garden.  We added some Vidalia onion and tons of fresh berries.  We ended with Fresh Strawberry Pie and whipped cream.

These beautiful hydrangeas made for the best centerpiece...


They were the hotest of pinks.

I got showered with a few gifts.  Jody and the kids gave me a beautiful pottery tray with a cross in the center and a new pair of earrings.  Mary Reese made me the most beautiful necklace...


...from Shrinky Dinks!  The center is a portait of me and her.  The outside ring says I Love You!  I LOVE it.

I walked through the den later that afternoon and this is what I found...


Little brother dead asleep with his drink between his legs and a Dorito in one hand.  I guess celebrating his mother wore him out!

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