Sunday, March 25, 2012

little owie turns three

It is hard to believe that my baby is already three.  It seems like just yesterday he joined our family becoming the caboose.  We celebrated his birthday the day before, the day of and the day after.  His actual birthday is March 10.  It fell on a Saturday this year, so Friday he took cupcakes to share with his friends at school...


Oreo Cupcakes...what else would I send for this Oreo loving boy?  He doesn't just ask for 1 Oreo at a time, he always asks for 2.  I search Pinterest for Oreo cupcakes, found an idea and then made it my own.  I took the tops off the double-stuffed cookies and crushed them for the icing.  I put the bottom of the cookie with the creme filling in the bottom of a cupcake liner.  I mixed up some devil's food cake and poured that on top of the Oreo.  I baked according to the package directions.  For the icing, I made my traditional buttercream and added the crushed up Oreos.  A perfect birthday treat to share with friends.

Friday afternoon, we hit Tarjay for a salty snack for Banks to take to Camp Sumatanga.  We had promised Owen a tricycle if he would potty train.  One Saturday back in January, he decided he wanted to wear underwear.  That was it...easy, peasy.  Don't get me wrong, we have had a couple of accidents along the way, but for the most part he has it down.  More importantly, he goes all by himself without anyone having to ask if he needs to go.  While in Tarjay, I wheeled him down the tricycle aisle let him pick out the one of his dreams...


He hasn't gotten off since.  He rides that thing inside and outside.  Most nights you even have to take it up to his room so he can "sleep with it."  He has logged countless miles on it already.  He has even been known to do a little naked tricyle riding (inside only of course).

Banks and Jody left for a church retreat the morning of his actual birthday.  Before they left, we celebrated with a little birthday breakfast...


Waffles and bacon...his favorite.

We had our family over on Sunday afternoon for a Spaghetti Pie dinner complete with salad, bread, cake and ice cream...


Owen designed his own cake at Judi Moore's one afternoon.  A race car cake...but not just any race had to be the Pepsi car.

After dinner, we sang a round of Happy Birthday.  Owen blew out his candle...


and we dug in!  There is nothing better than a Judi Moore cake!


But no cake eating will ever top his first birthday...

Loving it

It was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed the rest of it outside...


...riding tricycles and scooters in the street...


...and on the sidewalk showing out great-grandmother how it is done!

Then the real fun began...


The water guns came out and everyone was soaked, including some adults!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Caboose!

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