Monday, March 26, 2012

another Dixie Youth Baseball Opening Day in the books

It is hard to believe that we have been participating in these opening days for five years now. Honestly, I can’t remember a time when we haven’t. I know I will be sad when the last one rolls around. So for now, we will treasure every minute of them.

Our league did things a little differently this year. Friday night they invited everyone to the ball fields for a family fun night to kick off the season. They opened the concession stand selling all the regulars but adding barbeque sandwich plates to the mix. They had a bounce house and a blow up obstacle course. They also had carnival games including the ever popular “Pie-in-the-Face” booth. The kids were hysterical and the coaches were good sports. They were selling t-shirts and other novelty items. I think they set an all time record for fundraising that night!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the Opening Day Parade into the park. Since we have moved up to a bigger league [Minor A], we were towards the back of the line-up.

Mary Reese and some of her gang patiently waiting to catch their share of the candy…


Mary Reese, Gray, Emily, Mary Bibb and Abby [They all go to the same school and all just started taking tennis lessons together on Friday. A great group of girls! They played together all afternoon at the parks.]

Finally here come the Minor A Reds…


…and Banks who could care less that his momma was screaming at him to look at the camera and his little brother wanted a wave…


…I think he was still torn up that I told him the older kids weren’t throwing candy this year because they had been known to peg people in the past…


The team happened to be together before Opening Ceremony…


Can you tell they weren’t too trilled about having their picture made? It was like being in a torture chamber. I told them one day they would be glad some of us mommas were capturing all these moments!


Luke, Katie & Collin [bottom row]
Lawson, Banks, Chase, Jacob & Jackson [middle row]
Gabe & Eppes [back row]

A great group of kids! We always end up on a team with a great group of kids that become such a tight knit group by the end of the season. A true team.

Opening Day Ceremonies…


…complete with the introduction of the teams, a run down of the sponsors, the singing of the national anthem, a drawing for a TV and a $200.00 cash prize, and the throwing out of the first pitch…

We had the second game of the day. We just hung out at the park, supporting the concession stand, watching our friends play ball and spending some more time in the bounce houses.

Finally it was our turn. We were guest so first up to bat…


Banks batted 3rd in the lineup.


He played first base, centerfield, third base and catcher…


He did a great job at all positions even making a couple of outs! The Reds ended up beating the Phillies 9 to 7!

We were going to stay to watch some of the games after ours, but the rain came in so we hit the road!

The base ball uniform went quickly into the washer…our first official game is tonight. Hopefully we can pull out a win! Go Reds!

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