Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bubba the cowboy prince

Wow.  It is mid March and I haven't posted all month.  I guess life just got in the way.  It is not like we haven't had any "blog worthy" moments.  Hopefully I can get caught back up this week.  Since the time has sprung back forward [which is what I prefer] I can actually stay awake past 9:00.

Mary Reese has been looking forward her class play since school started.  Her school always puts on the cutest productions and this one did not disappoint.  It was called...


Bubba The Cowboy Prince - a cowboy version of Cinderella.  Bubba was like Cinderella and Miz Lurlene like Prince Charming.  Even the glass slippers were replaced with fancy gold cowboy boots!  Everyone in Ms. Ducker and Mrs. Propst's classes came to school decked in their finest western wear...


We made a special trip to Preston's Western Wear for a pair of pink cowgirl boots and to Tarjay for a blue jean skirt.  That paired it with a white t, pink bandana, pigtails and cowgirl hat and we were set for the big day!

Meet Miz Lurene with her cowgirl friends...


Anna, Miz Lurene [aka Abby], Mia Kate & Mary Reese.  Isn't Miz Lurene's wig fabulous!  It was the talk of the class at the after party.

Everyone in both classes took turns telling the love story of poor Bubba and Miz Lurlene.  Mary Reese's lines were at the beginning of the play.  She told about Bubba's wicked step-brothers [Dewayne and Milton] getting "gussied up" for the ball...

All good elementary school plays have fabulous singing and dancing.  This one was not short on the country music and line dancing.  Mary Reese and several other cowgirls did a little jig to Rhinestone Cowboy...

...where at the end Bubba appears in his finest duds on his way to the ball [Mary Reese ends up on the left hand side of the stage...second from the end].

There was also a high energy square dance inspired number to the tune of Cotton Eyed Joe...

How could you not include this number...

Bubba and Miz Lurlene fall madly in love during this dance.  Billy Ray would be proud.

Like Cinderella, Bubba turned back into a stinky old cowboy at the strike of midnight.  He bolts from the ball so Miz Lurlene can't see the real Bubba.  Luckily he left one of his golden cowboy boots behind.  Miz Lurlene searched the entire kingdom for it's owner...

Thankfully she found Bubba and the couple rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

The play ended with these two classic cowboy numbers...

[Mary Reese is on the far left of the stage]

I don't know how these teachers get forty six/seven year olds to do such an amazing job...but they do every time.  It is truly a highlight to their school year.

After the curtains closed, the cast hung around for a few autographs pictures...


Mary Reese, Abby, Mary Bibb, Emily, Sydney, Bella & Leland


Marlie [the fairy god cow], Mary Reese, Mia Kate and Bella


One of the directors [Mrs. Propst] with Mary Reese and Bella.

No production would be complete without a cast party afterwards.


Mia Kate and Mary Reese [those 2 have really enjoyed sitting beside each other keeping Bryant and Caine straight] snacking on Cowboy/Cowgirl hat rice krispie treats, cookies, chips and drinks.


Mia Kate, Ms. Earwood and Mary Reese.  Ms Earwood was crazy lucky enough to be doing some classroom field observations during play practice.  Mary Reese talked about her non stop the 10 days she was with her class.  I know Ms. Earwood is going to make a fabulous teacher based on the rave reviews she got at our house!

I thought the Ducker/Propst class play put on when Banks was in first grade was the best I had ever seen.  Now I think it is a toss up!

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