Monday, July 11, 2011

Patrick Murphree Memorial Golf :: take 4

Another year, another sucessful tournament [to recap PLM Golf 1, PLM Golf 2 & PLM Golf 3]...


We spend Friday afternoon getting set up.  I think we iced drinks down for 3 hours!

Saturday was the day.  It was HOT but we survived! [At one point Owen and I got in my car, cranked up the ac and drove around for about 20 minutes just to cool off.]

Mary Reese and Banks helped Suzanne and I register the 108 golfers.  This year we had 27 teams...the most we have ever had!  [We feel very fortunate because the staff at the golf course said we were the only tournament this year which had grown in numbers.]

After a pizza and wing lunch graciously donated by Andy Villarreal at Domino's Pizza, Andy explained the rules for the scramble.  At 1:00 everyone loaded up their coolers with Pepsi products [donated by Ronnie Dukes @ Pepsi] and Budwiser products [partially donated by Valley Bud]...


...and headed to their first hole.

Banks spent majority of the day riding the course with anyone who was going out.  Mary Reese took a break from the heat and left with Debbie for a few hours.  Owen spent hours practicing his putting...



We were extremely fortunate to have Tony Chachere & crew back for their third year. 


[Keith & GT]

Last year he did some fried pork chops for the crew under the tent during tournament play.  They got rave reviews and were requested again.  He just breads the chops in his fry mix...


Word got out we had chops so several golfers stopped by for a snack...


...and I believe there were even a few deliveries made out on the course.  Tony like to eat his with pepper jelly.  He snagged some from my basement.  The combo is should try it!

After all the score cards were turned in, everyone gathered under the tent...


...for some fried catfish, shrimp & french fries...


Yummo!  He coats his catfish in plain old yellow mustard before breading it in his fry.  The shrimp just gets coated with the fry.  Amazing!

After everyone loaded up with food, Patrick's family presented Tony with a new fishing pole...


For the past 3 years, he has driven 9 hours donating his time and food to feed the golfers after play.  We are truly grrateful for all his generosity.

Then it was time for the awards.  This year we gave away Academy gift cards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in 2 flights.  We also gave away 5 pairs of Costa sunglasses as closest to the pin & longest drive prizes.  [We always buy them from here...great store, check it out.]  Then we always do a drawing for door prizes.  This year they were all gift cards to manly places like Bass Pro Shop, Outback, The Brick, BB Perrins, Wintzell's, Bennett's & Hooters [always the favorite].

I love that all the families join their golfers after the tournament.  The kids always have a blast running wild during the awards ceremony. 


They love playing on the golf carts.  I had to hide a few keys after Owen drove one for a few feet.

Cousin Carter and One-Eyed Owie catch a ride on back...


Jody and Tony [one last shot before he loaded up the crew and headed back home]...


The results for the tournament:
  • over $18,000 grossed
  • 108 golfers - the most we have ever had
  • $2800 in Academy gift cards awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams in 2 Flights
  • 5 pairs of Costas awarded to 4 Closest to the Pins & 1 Longest Drive
  • Hundreds of dollars in gift cards to places like Outback, Bass Pro Shop & Hooters given away as doorprizes
  • 50 cases of Budwiser products (about half donated by Valley Bud)
  • Cases of Pepsi products (all donated by Pepsi of Decatur)
  • Pizzas & Wings for lunch (donated by Domino's Pizza)
  • Fried Catfish & Shrimp for dinner (donated by Tony Chachere's)
  • We even had one of the scholarship recipients in attendance 

A big thanks to all those who helped out.  The tournament could not have been a success with out your help.  We look forward to another fabulous tournament next year!

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