Thursday, July 21, 2011

big bed :: take 2

We have officially moved onto a new phase of our lives.  We have had the baby bed up for pretty much 9 years.  On Sunday, we took it down for the last time [at least until we have grandchildren, which I hope is quite a while off].


Once it was down, Jody asked me if I was going to cry.  Honestly it didn't really bother me.  Owen will always be my baby no matter what kind of bed he sleeps in.

Owen decided back in April to transition himself into his big bed.  He slept in their great for about a month.  Then he wanted back in his baby bed.  He slept there until we went to the beach in June.  At the beach, Banks and Owen shared a bed.  When we got home, he moved himself back to his big bed [hey, whatever works] and has been there ever since.  Now if we can just get interested in potty training!

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