Sunday, July 24, 2011

ASA Baseball Camp

Banks attended ASA Baseball Camp Thursday - Saturday...


His BFF Eppes attended with him...


They are like twins [only born about a month apart to different families].  We were cracking up about their numbers yesterday...8 & 9.

ASA had an awesome lineup helping out...several of the area high school baseball coaches, a couple of local college coaches and even a helpers from the major league!

The first day they worked on fielding, the second day they worked on hitting and the last day was defense.  They ended the camp with a little scrimmage...

Scrimage show off all they learned.  It was so fun to was just like good old neighborhood game [that I wish they could do every Saturday].

Coach Alan started off pitching to the field Banks and Eppes were on...


Alan grew up back door neighbors with Jody.  They ended up at college in the same frat.  They have been friends forever.  Alan works with Banks during the off season to prevent him from getting rusty [you can make appointments with him here].  He is fabulous with the kids!

During the scrimmage they rotated between batting, infield and outfield.

Banks up to bat...




Base Hit!

Halfway through the "game" Coach Morson [the head baseball coach at our high school] came in as pitcher.

Playing shortstop during one of his turns in the infield...


...with Eppes on 3rd [told you they were inseparable].

At the end of camp on Friday, John Rocker gave them a little talk about the game.  He pitched for the Braves in the late '90s, early 2000's.  He told them they had to believe in themselves.  Super nice guy.  Afterwards he was set up for autographs...


Banks just happened to have a baseball in his bag.  We now have it displayed on a "golden glove" in our room.

"Papa Jack" Ron Jackson worked the camp all three days.  He was signing autographs as well [his autograph is on the same ball as John's].  Then on Saturday after the camp, he let Banks try on his world series ring...


From the Boston Red Sox...


Maybe on day he will have one of his own...isn't that every little boy's dream?

Daddy and his baseball player...


I asked Banks and Eppes to "pose" for a picture after the camp and this is what I got...




Hysterical together.

Mary Reese thought the scrimmage might be a little to hot for her.  She opted to work with Debbie at the Light House.  Owen never misses a trip to the fields.  The icing on the cake for him...


...there were tractors working on the other fields.

We are getting geared up for fall baseball.  Banks is moving up a league this year.  It is more like real baseball...pitching and stealing bases.

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