Saturday, June 11, 2011


Every Spring I let the kids pick out packs of flower seeds.  We have not had much luck with them.  I think were we planted them got too much shade.  A few months ago we had several trees cut down and have really noticed the difference with our garden.

Mary Reese loves zinnias...


I love the orange & yellow stripes.

Banks loves sunflowers...


He was so excited they actually grew this year.  I can't belive how tall it is.  I had to stand on a stack of pavers and hold my camera up to get the shot.

There are several more sunflowers right behind this one.  And several varieties of zinnias.

I have enjoyed little bouquets of them in my kitchen...


It is a contant reminder of the a fun family activity.  Making memories I hope they will treasure.

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Allison said...

just caught up on your blog:) love this post with the flowers! love that you have a constant reminder of what your kids love.