Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please Not The Fashion Police

My cell phone rang this afternoon shortly after 3:00pm. I didn't recognize the number but I did recognize the voice when I picked up. It was Mandy {from the front desk at MR's preschool}. Apparently Mary Reese had an accident in her sleep during nap time. It completely devestated her! They found some clothes in the closet for her to change into but Mandy said she wan't happy about her options. Jody {thankfully} was able to pick her up so she would have to spend the last hour of school in these duds:

When I saw these clothes in the dirty clothes basket I just cracked up! Can you blame her?


Carly said...

You are hilarious! I can remember opening a Tweety Bird onesie at my baby shower. Afterwards, I quickly put it in the pile for goodwill. Our precious girls are only little for a short time. They have the rest of their lives to wear ratty jeans and t-shirts!

Carly said...

At least she was patriotic for the day!