Friday, February 11, 2011

here we go again

More snow.  Snow had become a four letter word around these parts.  This semester, we have missed a total of four days of school and had numerous delayed starts for inclement weather.  Our children have not been a full five days of school since the second week of December.  And for a routine-loving momma, it has gotten very OLD!

There was not nearly the amount of snow we got about a month ago, but the roads were a thin sheet of ice...


When I got up this morning, the roads did not look that bad.  But I heard lots of crunching as cars drove down our street.  When I turned on the news, they were reporting 19 wrecks already that morning.  I guess it was a good idea we weren't out in it trying to make it to school on time.

We made the most of our snow day.  We started the morning out making donuts...


They were delicious & delightful!  A yeast baste dough, fried in oil and rolled in can you go wrong?


Some were powdered and some were cinnamon-sugar.  I think the cinnamon-sugar ones were my fav.  We are doing to have to audition for Biggest Loser:  Family Addition if the snow keeps coming.  All I want to do is eat...and anything that is not healthy!

After our donuts, the kids bundled up for a little sledding adventure...


The sleds are a new addition since the last snow [thanks Popsy]!  Our little hill in the front was perfect...



Banks was not thrilled everyone wanted to jump on with him...


Finally a solo run...



Thank goodness we are scheduled for a full day of school today...which meant my 5:15 am boot camp was on schedule!  I needed it after my foodfest yesterday.  It is always a wonderful calorie-burning session...and no two classes are alike.

The local meteorologist promise warmer temps by Sunday and on into next week.  Bring on the flip flops!

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