Monday, August 30, 2010

never a dull moment...

Saturday morning we smelled something burning in the kitchen but couldn't find where it was coming from until...


I opened the pantry door and noticed a pile a burnt paper in the microwave.  Guess who the culprit was?


Owen!  He has discovered the microwave and unfortunately it is on this level in our pantry.

On a good you see that passy in his mouth?  We are now passy free!!!  Way to go Owie!  He has gotten really attached to that thing lately.  I got rid of Banks's at about 18 months and it was easy as pie.  So I knew I needed to start working on Owen before his addiction got out of hand.  Friday morning I dropped him off at school and unbeknownst to me his passy was in my car.  When I picked him up they said they never found his passy but he did fabulously without it.  I took that as my was time to say good-bye to the passy.  He fussed a little bit Saturday morning when he woke up but other than that he has been perfectly fine without it.

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The Bordens said...

Way to go Owen, Holley Ann is also paci free, she lost it last week and has not said a word about it. U tell your sis and bro that they need to keep an eye on u Owen:)