Wednesday, August 4, 2010

baby bieber

I broke down and got Owen's hair cut for the first time today...guess I thought he needed a back to school do? 

Here is is before shot...


He did fabulous.  He just sat in the chair and let Kelli trim away...


After his trim, he got a little style...


Here is the finished product with our family hairdresser [yes, she cuts all 5 of our hair]...


We said he looked like a baby Justin Bieber. a.k.a Baby Bieber

Here is a back view of the new do...


He looks like such a big boy!  I miss that long wild hair - it fit his wide open personality - but it was time for a toddler do.

Now for a walk down memory lane...since I didn't have the blog back then.

Like I said before, Kelli cuts the entire family's hair.  We have followed her to 3 different salons.  She has now given all 3 of my children their first hair cut.

Banks was 23 months old before his first haircut...


He had beautiful curls that I could not bring myself to cut off.  We did trim the bangs a little bit [this was 4 days before Mary Reese was born].

Mary Reese was about 18 months she got her first cut...


She hated every minute.  Thankfully after a few cuts, she warmed up to the idea & now acts like a big girl!

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