Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st Grade Awards Day

Banks had 1st Grade Awards Day on Wednesday [I can’t believe his 1st Grade year is almost over…it truly FLEW by].

The entire 1st Grade [all 140+ kids] gathered in the auditorium for Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Phyiscal Fitness, etc. awards. Banks was awarded for being on the A/B Honor Roll for the entire year. Here he is with the other A/B students in his class…


Then we were dismissed to their rooms where Mrs. Propst gave out her own awards. She awarded him the Curiosity Award…

Curiosity Award

He was also awarded for being a Spelling Champ [they have to have 100 average in spelling for the entire 2nd semester]…

Spelling Champ Award

Here are all his awards…

CBM Awards 2010

Spelling Champ, Social Studies Awards [The Mrs. Propst Boys killed the Mrs. Propst Girls, Ms. Ducker Boys and Ms. Ducker Girls to win this award. All the other boys were bragging on Banks because he got 3 answers in a row! All the Mrs. Propst boys were so excited to win this award…it was a HUGE deal to them.], “Jeanius” Award for getting 25 AR points, Curiosity Award, Honor Roll and Accelerated Reader Award for getting 10 AR points.

Banks – Congratulations on such a fabulous 1st Grade Year! We are proud of you and all your accomplishments. I can’t believe you are leaving Mrs. Propst behind and becoming a Second Grader!

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