Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day when you are a mother of 3 small children and a wife of a Nascar fan:

The morning did show some promise.  I got to bath all by myself totally uninterrupted {I did have to get up at 6:30 to manage this}.  I also made a trip to the grocery store all by myself!

Then I did 6 loads of this...


...and changed the sheets on every bed in the house, made Jody a "snack" to take to his Nascar watching party and made Poulet for Monday night's dinner.  I also prepped our Family Valentine's Day meal.

We took the kids to The Melting Pot about a month ago.  Since then, they have been dying to fondue again.  Jody and I decided that a Valentine's Fondue might be fun.  Growing up my family always fondued on New Year's Eve with the Smithson's.  We always used peanut oil to cook our meat.  At The Melting Pot I was introduced to a broth method, so I decided to give it a whirl...


...I used vegetable broth, mushrooms, garlic and green onions {similar to the Coq au Vin method}.

We cooked...
Ready to Fondue

...steak, shrimp, chicken, carrots and mushrooms.  It was delicious & delightful!

I ate my Valentine's dinner with this ♥...

1st Round

Notice we are eating at the stove.  My original plan was to eat at the table using the fondue pot...but since the Nascar race had a major delay...we made an adjustment and ate in shifts.  Mary Reese, Owen and I were the 1st shift.  Banks and Jody were the 2nd shift.  How romantic!

After devouring our main course, we moved onto dessert...
Chocolate Fondued Marshmallow

...the Flaming Turtle {minus the flame}.

 We dipped pound cake, marshmallows and pound cake...

...I tried to buy some strawberries but there were none to be found in the city!  Mary Reese quickly reminded me that I also forgot the Rice Krispie Treats.

It was just a good as The Melting Pot for a fraction of the price!  Fonduing at home is super simple & super fun {even when eaten at the stove in shifts}!

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Carol Hardage said...

The fondue looks like a great idea. The dish you had the shrimp and meat in looks like one that Granny had. Did you get that when we cleaned out the condo? If you didn't, seeing it reminded me of her. Her birthday would be the 24th.