Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got Talent?

BD Got Talent

Banks came home from school a few weeks ago and said he wanted to participate in Ben Davis Got Talent.  I suggested that he get together with some classmates and perform together.

His teacher email me the next week wanting me to encourage Banks to participate.  I asked her if she heard what he was planning because he told me one kind of questionable talent option a few nights before.  She emailed me back to let me know the rumor was an Elvis impersonating act with his friend Eppes...

Eppes & Banks

Perfect...because he told me their talent was going to be a hot dog eating contest with Krystal Mini-Pups!  I was thrilled with the change in talents!

The 2 Elvises met at my Dad's house last Sunday for a little choreography session to prepare them for Thursday night's show!  Eppes came home from school with Banks on Thursday to get in one last practice session.

They were both beaming with excitement by the time we arrived at school.  They got a little boost of confidence from Mrs. Propst before the show...

Love Mrs. Propst

Here they are during their big performance...

The Elvises

The hit of the night was when they threw their "sweaty" scarves into the audience...


All the girls were screaming and fighting over the scarves {and a few tears where shed from an audience member who didn't catch one}.

Some of the nights other talents included...

The Girls

A song and dance number to This Little Light of Mine by Hilton, Savannah, Ashton, Jamie and Lucy {some of the girls in his class}

Karate Chop

Jack breaking a board during his karate routine


Ian singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The Hartbreakers

A dance to Hoe Down Throw Down by the Hartbreakers from Mrs. Hart's class {Meredith, Janiyah and Mary Bradford}


A female Michael Jackson Impersonator

The peanut gallery took in every act...

The Peanut Gallery

Mary Reese, Gray and her cousin Charlotte.  Mary Reese left that night already planning the talent she and Gray were going to do when they get to 1st Grade!  All I can say is...Ben Davis watch out!!!

Here are most of the participants {minus Ian and Jack} from Mrs. Propst class after the show was over...

Propst Risk Takers

Ben Davis definitely has TALENT!  I will give huge round of applause to the teachers...they had 41 acts involving 56 kids and had us out of there in an hour and a half!

Here is a video of the complete performance {it only last 2 minutes}...

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StaceyLWillis said...

Jerald just learned of Dad's Elvis days and is shocked!! Hahaha!