Monday, January 12, 2009

How to you shop for a wedding dress?

This is a 4 year-old's idea on how to shop for a wedding dress:
Mary Reese was dying to go wedding dress shopping with me, Debbie and Stacey on Saturday. Reluctantly I agreed. She was entertained for the trying on of the first few dresses before deciding she was bored. Thank goodness I remembered I had some of their favorite t.v. shows downloaded to my phone {you got to love an iphone}. She entertained herself during the rest of the shopping excursion with Zack and Cody and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...she was a perfect angel!
We also looked at some bridemaid dresses. Thank goodness this is not how I will look in it:
Stacey tried it on first so we could get an idea of how a "normal" person {not a 7 month pregnant lady} would look in the dress. Then I tried it on just for giggles...and we all had a big one! {Notice the princess in the background still into her t.v.}


The Bordens said...

I do love the dress. You know I was 7 months when I was in my friends wedding :) My mom said that she put the box of clothes on your door step. I think we will be in town on the 6 and 7 of Feb. we have a baby shower to go to, I will call you if we are. Also I am having a Kat in the hat Show, and a PB show. I will let you know when they are.

Sue said...

Cute dress! It looks like Stacey to me...I can guess why she liked it! Y'all should have let Mar try it on! LOL