Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

Apparently Banks spent his school day watching history in the making. He said they watch all the events surrounding the Inauguration today {the only time they broke was to pick up their lunch in the cafeteria}. I asked him what he learned today and here are his facts:
  1. Barack Obama is the 1st African-American President
  2. He is the 44th President
  3. He lives on the 2nd floor of the White House
  4. He works in the Oval Office and rides in the Air Force I
  5. He has 2 daughters who will each have a guard {Secret Service} outside of their classroom
  6. He rode in a limo a bunch of times today
  7. Ted Kennedy {whose brother was the President that got killed in a convertible} had a seizure at lunch today and Barack Obama helped load the stretcher in the ambulance because he was his friend {by far my favorite fact of the day}!

Thanks Ms. Lowery for exposing Banks to this historic day! He really did soak up alot of what was happening!

Banks drawing a picture of the White House

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