Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Kick-off

The Christmas Festivities have officially kicked off at the Murphree House! Sunday night, we ate dinner with my dad, his sister, brother and their families. Dad and his sister got together the day before and made 200 homemade tamales just like their dad use to make. They made some with beef and some with pork and chicken:
They were delicious and delightful and my children yummed them up!
This morning we got up to make our sugar cookies for Santa. I rolled out the dough, but the kids did the rest all by themselves! Here they are hard at work cutting out their cookies: After the cookies cooled, I mixed up some buttercream icing and let them go to town! They were very serious about decorating each cookie:
Here are some of the final products: I think they did a fabulous job with the cookies! Santa, we hope you love our cookies!!!

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Sue said...

What festive and yummy-looking cookies! Santa will love them. Merry Christmas from Baby Carter (who only gets to be Baby Carter for a few more months!)!