Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Banks!

Happy 6th Birthday, Banks!
{6 cookies for him to take to school tomorrow to share with his class}
On this day 6 years ago, Banks litterally decided to join the world: {I was scheduled to be induced on the 10th but Banks had different plans. My water broke late Friday night and he arrived shortly after lunch on the 7th...weighing in at 8 lbs 6 ozs}
He started out his day by hanging his ornament on our Christmas Calendar:
We had the grandparents over for a taco bar dinner and then dove into these: {white cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate icing with green and blue sprinkles...a Banks request} The cupcake almost wasn't big enough to hold all his candles:
Afterwards he had a few of these to open with the help of his sister:
Banks loved all his new stuff...he is dying to put together his electric train and has already played his new Wii games and found the North Pole on his globe. I think Mary Reese loved his High School Musical Halmark Ornament that plays the theme song better than Banks did. She danced to it for 15 minutes!
Even Camp {whose birthday is December 19th} got an early birthday present from Debbie:

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Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Banks! Love the picture from the hospital! I remember that day was so fun that we were in Decatur that day! Glad y'all had fun...the cupcakes look delicious!