Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

I got up early this morning {while everyone else in my house was still snoozing} to make 4 batches of this:
Mac and Cheese...and I am very thankful that most of it was devoured throughout the day, leaving only about 1/2 a pan for leftovers.
Once everyone started stirring, we headed over to Debbie's to assist Uncle Christopher in the turkey frying adventure:
Taking out the first of of 3 turkeys:
Picture perfect:
Carved and ready for the Thanksgiving Table:
It was super moist, delicious and delightful! I am also thankful that every morsel was quickly devoured...leaving nothing for leftovers!
Here are some more pictures of food from yesterday's cooking marathon.
A Chocolate Covered Almond Coconut Cake:
Orange/Cranberry Relish {which I hear was a HUGE hit with Baby Carter}:
After the turkey was carved and the dolloped dressing and mac and cheese were cooked, we headed out to Nanny Nan and John B's for lunch with Jody's family. {All the "cousins" are boys with the exception of Mary Reese.} While she was cooking in her playhouse, the boys were doing this:
Climbing on the roof and dumping out sand {I am thankful no one got hurt}.
After a huge lunch, we headed back home for a little of this:
After some power naps, we headed out to Popsy and Gigi's for one more round! The cousins had a fun time playing:
I am very thankful that all my siblings have been able to bond this week. It is very rare that all 4 Willis children are together. I think the last picture I have of all of us together was from 2004:
Here is an attempt of one with all the children and their children:

It didn't turn out too much better than the last one: Needless to say, we couldn't get into our pjs fast enough tonight! We hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day filled with family, friends and delicious/delightful food! We had a very Thankful Thanksgiving!

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