Sunday, November 16, 2008

Southern, Y'all!

I love the weekends! We usually have a big family breakfast at least one of those wonderful weekend mornings! I can't image not being from the South and missing out on all these delicious goodies!
Today we had these:
Buttermilk biscuits, buttered and topped with some Pear Butter and Apple Butter I made a few weeks ago:
We also had some cheese grits and bacon. I did throw in a little cultural experience to our breakfast this morning.
A Country French Omelet: A new recipe I found in the Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basics Cookbook that I picked up a Costco a few weekends ago! Eggs, bacon and potatoes...need I say more?


Sue said...

Yummmm, Yummmmm! We can't wait to visit with y'all in a few weeks and eat some yummy southern meals!

Leigh Ann said...

Yum! Wish I was your neighbor!!