Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Our Halloween tradition started 5 Halloweens ago continued on this year...we got together with a huge group of friends at the Bibbs for trick-or-treating and eating! The Yummy Mummy appetizer and Sam Barnett's famous cheesecake made their appearances again this year!!! Along with yummy fried chicken, mac and cheese, asparagus, salad and bread. We got smart this year and took the kids trick-or-treating before we ate!
Here are my Alabama football player and Cinderella getting ready to trick-or-treat:
{they weren't being very cooperative with the picture taking}
Before heading over to the Bibbs, we trick-or-treated a little bit in our neighborhood:
{The Lamps had special treat bags ready for us...thank you!}
Trick-or-treating with part of the gang:
Chowing down on some real food before hitting the candy bags and the cheesecake:
{a new meaning to the word "helmet-head"}
The only thing we didn't get this year was a group picture! I was really sad about that because they always turn out so hysterical! We made one more stop on our way home at the Villarreals! They were handing out some yummy pizza shaped sugar cookies along with huge handfuls of candy! We got to visit with the entire Villarreal gang {including Holley Ann} before heading home and crashing for the night! I am just very thankful that Halloween didn't fall on a school night this year so we could all "sleep in"! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween night!


Sue said...

Glad y'all had a fun night! Cute costumes!

StaceyLWillis said...

Where was Cinderella's up do?

Jody, Andrea, Banks and Mary Reese said...

I asked her if she wanted an up-do but she declined. I don't know if I could have done it if she wanted it! She did go for the make-up they gave her at the BBB though!