Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prelude to Christmas?

If this is any indication to how Christmas is going to turn out this year...I am boycotting!
I was busy decorating my tree and watching the Alabama/Auburn game when the disaster occurred. Of course Jody would not answer his I called my friend Rebecca {whose tree full of Radkos fell last year}. Her and Jody pulled up about the same time. Jody held the tree {whining the entire time that I was interupting his game least it fell during half time} while Rebecca and I undecorated the tree. My losses weren't near as bad as hers {the chair prevented it from falling completely down} major loss was my finial {a wedding present} and the bottom of my Christopher Radko 40th Birthday ornament. I have already been on ebay bidding on a new one. Here is the tree last year:
RIP Finial!
Thank you to my dear friend Rebecca who came to my resue...I couldn't have done it without you.


Jennie-Marie said...

OH SAD!!! I do think we might have a finial at SF (I think its on the ledge above the ornaments). I know there are two of the star toppers and they may even be on sale, i'm not sure.

Carly said...

I enjoy so much reading your blog! Could not believe your Cmas tree disaster! Sounds like you handled it a lot better than I would have!

Im also dying for your macaroni and cheese recipe:)