Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Brown Strikes Again & The Fair

This morning I made a delicious and delightful casserole dish full of Cheesy Chicken for dinner. I took it out of the refrigerator and placed it on the counter to be warming up to room temperature while I went to pick Mary Reese up from school {approximately 3 blocks from our house}. This is what I found on the kitchen floor when I returned:
After an impromptu dinner, we headed to the fair. Those fair people have gotten smart and send admission tickets home with the school children to insure they know the fair is in no more avoiding the Beltline so the kids won't know it is in town! We are glad we went because it took Mary Reese a few minutes to warm up to riding...I think they both got lots of practice in for Disney!
Her first ride of the fair {I had to force her on}:
The Candyland Train:
A pink princess in her pink big rig:

After a few hours at the fair we came home for a good scrub down before heading straight to bed!

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