Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Saturday morning I discovered a mystery package addressed to Banks and Mary Reese on a front porch from the UPS man...would it be a trick or a treat?I could tell it was from Williams-Sonoma, so I knew it was probably a TREAT! {Excuse our hair...we had just gotten up and we are really into wearing mix-matched pjs}
It definitely was a treat! I was these fabulous Halloween suckers from Baby Carter: Thanks Baby Carter! We have LOVED our Halloween Treat!


The Bordens said...

Hey. We are going to be in Decatur Friday night. We are leaving Corinth around 3:00, hope to see you. The Bordens

Sue said...

So glad you liked them! I hope you have a Happy Halloween and get lots of yummy candy! :) Love, Baby Carter