Monday, October 20, 2008

Disney Vacation - Day 5

We decided to sleep in since we had been out late the night before. We got up and headed straight to Hollywood Studios after breakfast {our mission…Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania}! About the time we got to the gate I realized Mary Reese left her blanket on the boat, so Jody sprinted down to claim it before the boat took off for their next trip. Hollywood Studios was pretty crowded, so we headed straight to the new Toy Story Mania ride to snag Fast Passes {mission accomplished}. We stopped by the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground on our way to the sorcerer’s hat to meet and greet Minnie and Daisy. Then we decided to head to Epcot since we had not ridden one ride there and Jody was dying to eat in Mexico!
Somewhere between leaving Hollywood Studios and Epcot, we lost Mary Reese’s blanket again {this time it was gone for good…thank goodness for a backup}! As soon as we arrived in Epcot, Jody grabbed us Fast Passes for Soarin’! Then we ate at Cantina de San Angel and rode the boat ride through Mexico. Jody decided to ride Test Track since the single rider line was only 10 minutes while the kids and I made our own paper in Innovations East {they did do something educational while we were gone}.
We decided to go ride Living with the Land since it looked like the bottom was about to drop out at any minute. Just as we reached The Land…the bottom dropped out! By the time we voyaged through the greenhouses and fish farm, the rain had stopped. Then we headed to the Seas with Nemo and Friends ride. After you ride, you can walk upstairs and view the aquarium. Banks even got to give one of the scuba divers a high-five through the glass! Before dinner we had time to ride Spaceship Earth {through the giant ball} and watch the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 3-D movie. We tried to email postcards home from Spaceship Earth but our pictures never came up on the screen!

We left Future World on our way to Japan for dinner at Teppan Edo! The food was delicious, the chef was very entertaining and it was probably our second favorite meal behind Le Cellier! After dinner we debated about walking all the way back to The Land for our Soarin’ Fast Pass ride. We decided we would regret it if we skipped it…so off we went! We ended up running into Alice from Wonderland in England on our way. After we got off Soarin’, we all decided the extra steps were well worth it!

Since we had already seen IllumiNations, we decided to head back to Hollywood Studios because they were open to midnight! We thought about catching the last Fantasmic show but decided to ride Star Wars and Toy Story Mania instead. We were very grateful for Fast Passes to Toy Story because the standyby line was still estimated at 45 minutes! When we got off the ride…we realized why everyone wanted to ride this one so bad. We all had a blast and wished we had another Fast Pass! It definitely put the Buzz Lightyear ride in Magic Kingdom to shame! We ended the night {and our time} at the parks with Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Once we got back to the Boardwalk, Banks and Jody finished up their Arcade Card while Mary Reese and I headed to bed! Tomorrow’s plans: packing, more pool time and a shopping spree in Downtown Disney…


The Bordens said...

Hey Mar, Holley Ann has that same outfit, it is just so cute. So happy that all of you had a blast. Holley Ann misses all of you, when your picture came up on the sreen she was trying to talk to you, can not wait to see you. Tha Bordens

The Bordens said...

Sorry screen