Monday, November 21, 2011

gobble wobble 2011

Ben Davis/Leon Sheffield held their 1st Annual Gobble Wobble 5K/Fun Run Sunday afternoon.  The event was to raise money for the school as well as to kick off a new incremental mile program for the children.  The kids have been challenged to run 25.1 mile before the Delano Park Mile Run in the spring.  That mile run will be the last mile in their marathon challenge.

The day was not the best for the inaugural run, but their were tons of participants who braved the rain.  Banks and Mary Reese originally where going to run the mile fun run.  When it came time, Mary Reese backed out and opted to stay with Debbie to play Family Feud on the iPad.

I told Banks I would run the mile with him until the rain set it.  I backed out myself.  Thankfully he said it was fine if I just cheered him on at the finish line!

The mile runners set to run with the instructions not to trample over each other...


I looked up and Banks was almost to the finish line...only 2 runners crossed in front of him!  I was so proud he was the third one across...


His friend and classmate Sam coached him along the finish line.  [Sam and his dad ran the 5K.] Sam and Banks also finished the Delano Mile Run side by side in the spring.  They finished that mile in 8:28.  His Gobble Wobble time was 7:47.  WOW!!!  Can't wait to see what that time will be in the spring after his marathon miles have been ran.  [He definitely would have left me in his dust.]

He even got a medal for his finish...


Owen was super proud of his big brother...


Mary Reese was slightly jealous when I told her about all her friends who had ran.  She was even more jealous when she saw the medal Banks won!  I am not sure if she is going to finish her miles for her incremental marathon but I think they are giving medals to the finishers.  Maybe that will be incentive enough!

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