Friday, September 9, 2011

lake for labor day

We spent part of Labor Day weekend at the lake...


It is amazing how much the water goes down between 4th of July and Labor Day.

The big boys [Banks & Eppes] thought they were big stuff swimming across the lake to the "island"...


It is really just part of Bankhead Forrest...not really an island.

All of them spend tons of time in front of the sea wall making oyster stew...


Aunt Stacey and Uncle Jerald had oysters sometime in the spring.  They pitched all the shells in the water in front of the sea wall.  Now that the water is down...the kids could find them.  It provided for hours of entertainment.

While the oyster stew was cooking, Jody and I were smoking...


A couple of butts, some corn and a good old Vidalia onion.

There were also some mud baths taken...



I also noticed this Saturday morning while drinking my coffee on the deck...


...which means fall is just around the corner.

The remanience of hurricane Lee set in Sunday morning, so we packed it up and headed home.  We spent the rest of the rainy Labor Day weekend inside.

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