Saturday, September 17, 2011

front page worthy?

Monday after school, the kids and I were sitting outside in the front yard like we do lots of days.  They boys were playing with the football.  I told Mary Reese to run get her library book so we could knock out her nightly reading.  [We had Open House at both schools that I wanted all their homework done before we had to leave.]

I started reading and everyone gathered around to listen.  [I LOVE to read.  I hope I can pass that love onto my children.  Mary Reese is my reader.  Banks likes it but really loves it when someone is doing the reading to him.]

All of a sudden one of the photographers from the newspaper is in my front yard taking our picture.  I thought I would probably see it in the paper the next day, but never expected to be front page worthy...


I guess it is a good sign for our little city.  The front page could be covered with news about violent crimes.  [Don't get me wrong, we have crime.  A couple of weeks prior there was a double murder at the Krystal.]  I remember years back, my college friends who live in Memphis now were saying their local news had to be extended to an hour to cover all the crime.  We are blessed our city has a low crime rate.

I am thankful for that photographer who captured a special moment with my children.  They are growing up way too fast and I know my days of them listening to me read them a story are numbered...


Several people asked me what we were reading...

the little house

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

A precious story about a house built out in the country... 


The city encroached around the house, making the house sad and long for the country... 


Finally the house is rescued by a descendent of the original owner.  She moves the house back to the country where it belongs.


I think I might have to buy us a copy!

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Sue said...

How lovely! And so fun that it was in the paper! We had fun with Mary Reese and Debbie! Thanks for letting her come visit!